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Native to South America, Patagonian mara rodent seen wandering in Colorado wilderness

Mysterious Mara on the Loose: Colorado Officials on the Hunt

Attention, Colorado residents! There’s a furry fugitive on the loose in Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colo. Wildlife officials are on the lookout for an adorable rabbit-like rodent known as the Patagonian mara that has been spotted roaming the mountains.

The Patagonian maras, a two to three-foot-tall critter native to South America, have captured the attention of park rangers, hikers, and visitors in the area. With its long ears, deer-like legs, and gray-brown fur coat, this exotic rodent has been causing quite a stir.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are working diligently to capture the runaway mara and find it a new home. Despite setting live traps with a mixture of fruits and vegetables to lure the herbivorous mara, they have been unsuccessful so far.

Officials are concerned about the mara’s well-being, as they suspect it may have been someone’s pet and is used to being around people. They urge the public to report any sightings of the rodent but advise against approaching, feeding, or attempting to take pictures with the animal.

If captured, authorities plan to investigate whether the mara was domesticated and determine the best course of action to ensure its safety and well-being. Stay tuned for more updates on the adorable fugitive on the run in Colorado!

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