Friday, July 19, 2024

Nation held hostage by deadly heat wave breaking records; experts advise staying indoors

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Sweeps Across the U.S.

**Record-Breaking Heatwave Sweeps Across U.S., Death Toll Rises**

As the blistering heatwave continues to scorch the United States, breaking temperature records and putting millions of people at risk, the nation braces for more extreme weather in the coming days.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for about 36 million people, with dangerous temperatures soaring into the 100s across the West. Parts of California are expected to reach a sweltering 115 degrees Fahrenheit, while Oregon faces temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.

On Saturday, several cities in the West shattered temperature records, with readings well above 100 degrees. Despite the scorching conditions, some residents like Marko Boscovich found refuge inside air-conditioned casinos in Las Vegas, trying to beat the heat.

On the East Coast, temperatures above 100 degrees are expected, with Raleigh, North Carolina hitting an all-time record high of 106 degrees on Saturday. The National Weather Service issued advisories urging people to stay hydrated, stay indoors, and check on vulnerable relatives and neighbors.

The heatwave has also led to a tragic increase in heat-related deaths, with at least 13 confirmed in Arizona’s Maricopa County this year. In California, wildfires have been fueled by low humidity and high temperatures, requiring firefighters to deploy aircraft to contain the blazes.

Despite the extreme conditions, festival-goers at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon, found ways to stay cool, with organizers providing access to air-conditioned spaces and refreshing misters for attendees to cope with the scorching heat.

As the heatwave shows no signs of letting up, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by rising temperatures and the urgent need for climate action to combat extreme weather events. Stay safe and stay cool as the nation grapples with this record-breaking heatwave.

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