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Natasa Stankovic receives criticism for her latest post following India’s T20 World Cup win: ‘Are you and Hardik Pandya still together?’ | Bollywood News

Natasa Stankovic’s Instagram post sparks controversy after India’s T20 World Cup victory

Natasa Stankovic Faces Backlash for Silence After Husband Hardik Pandya’s World Cup Victory

Natasa Stankovic, wife of Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya, recently shared her first post on social media since India’s T20 World Cup victory. However, the post did not sit well with netizens who were expecting an appreciation post for Hardik and Team India.

In the post, Natasa showcased her chic outfit, which included a white cropped shirt, grey striped pants, and a designer mini bag. Captioning the post as “fit check,” she accessorized her look with delicate silver earrings and a watch.

The absence of any mention of the World Cup win or a tribute to Hardik and the team left many followers disappointed. Comments flooded in, with one user questioning, “Hardik wins the World Cup….where is the appreciation post?” while another asked, “Why is there not a single post related to the World Cup?” Some even speculated about the status of Natasa’s relationship with Hardik.

Despite the backlash, Natasa’s recent dance video went viral, with many praising her skills. Hardik’s emotional reaction to India’s victory was also captured in the video before the India vs South Africa match.

While Natasa has not directly addressed the divorce rumors circulating online, her interactions with Hardik’s family members on social media suggest a sense of unity. Furthermore, a video of Hardik on a call after the victory led fans to speculate that he was celebrating with Natasa and their son, Agastya Panday.

As rumors continue to swirl about the couple’s relationship status, fans are eagerly awaiting a public statement or post from Natasa addressing the speculations. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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