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Mother of missing North Carolina girl Madalina Cojocari reportedly flees the United States following suspicion in daughters’ 2022 disappearance.

Mother of Missing North Carolina Teen Suspect Fears Fleeing US

The recent developments in the case of missing 13-year-old Madalina Cojocari have taken a surprising turn as North Carolina police now fear that her mother, Diana Cojocari, has fled the US just weeks after being named a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance.

According to reports, a photo allegedly showing Diana Cojocari on a plane heading to Eastern Europe with her mother sitting behind her was posted on the Facebook group “Where is Madalina Cojocari?” on July 6. The caption of the post indicated that she was on her way from New York JFK to Frankfurt then Bucharest after 9 years of absence from the country.

The Cornelius Police Department has acknowledged the photo but could not confirm when it was taken or Cojocari’s current whereabouts. Police Chief David Baucom stated, “The police department is aware of the posts that indicate Diana Cojocari may have left the country, however, we are unable to confirm this information.”

Cojocari, who holds citizenship in Moldova, has family members and friends in Eastern Europe, making it a possible destination for her. Reports suggest that she may have applied for an emergency passport that allowed her to leave the US.

Madalina Cojocari was last seen in November 2022, but her mother did not report her missing until nearly a month later. Both Diana Cojocari and Madalina’s stepfather, Christopher Palmiter, were arrested and charged with failure to report their child missing in December 2022. Cojocari served time in prison and was recently released, while Palmiter received supervised probation.

Despite the recent developments, investigators believe that Madalina is still alive and continue to seek information in their search for the missing schoolgirl. The case remains open, with Cojocari being considered a suspect in the investigation, but no new charges have been filed against her at this time.

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