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Missouri man charged with murder of woman after allegedly holding Black woman captive in basement

Missouri Man Accused of Kidnapping and Murder Faces Additional Charges

A Missouri man accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her hostage in his basement until she escaped in October 2022 is now facing an additional charge related to the murder of another woman whose skeletal remains were found last year in a barrel in a river.

Timothy Haslett Jr., 41, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jaynie Crosdale, prosecutors announced at a news conference on Tuesday. This comes after Haslett was already facing charges of first-degree rape, sodomy, kidnapping, assault, and endangering a child in connection with the unnamed woman he allegedly held captive in his basement.

Investigators believe that Crosdale, who was Black like the unidentified woman, was killed between June 6, 2022, and October 7, 2022. Photos recovered from a device belonging to Haslett showed Crosdale inside the basement of his home in Excelsior Springs, according to Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson.

The barrel containing Crosdale’s remains was found to match others at Haslett’s residence, further linking him to the murder. Excelsior Springs police had previously connected Crosdale to the case of the escaped woman, who had sought help after being held captive and assaulted.

The surviving victim, who was threatened with suffocation and being placed in a barrel like the others if she did not obey Haslett, managed to escape when he left the house to drop off his son at school. She described the horrific conditions she endured, including being choked, whipped, and sexually assaulted on a daily basis.

Haslett’s attorney has not yet commented on the case, but Haslett remains in custody with bail set at $5 million. The brutal and barbaric nature of the crimes has shocked the community, and investigators are currently not ruling out the possibility of additional victims.

The case continues to unfold as prosecutors work to bring justice for the victims and their families.

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