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Military horses once again galloped freely through the streets of London.

Military Horses Cause Chaos in Central London for Second Time in Three Months

Military Horses Cause Chaos in Central London for the Second Time in Three Months

In a wild turn of events on Monday morning, three military horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment went rogue in central London, sparking a scene straight out of a movie. The horses ditched their riders and galloped through the busy streets, narrowly avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians.

The chaos began when the lead horse, being led rather than ridden, got startled by a passing London bus. In the blink of an eye, two riders fell off their horses and all three animals took off together, causing panic among bystanders.

Dashcam footage captured by the BBC showed one of the runaway horses almost crashing into a car before continuing its brisk trot down the street. The trio raced through Seville Street and South Eaton Place before authorities managed to corral one horse. The other two were brought to a halt near Vauxhall Bridge.

Fortunately, all three horses were safely returned to Hyde Park Barracks without any major injuries. A spokesperson for the British Army confirmed that one horse suffered minor injuries but did not require further treatment. Thankfully, none of the soldiers involved were harmed in the incident.

This escapade bore striking similarities to a previous incident in late April when five military horses caused havoc in central London after getting spooked by construction noises. The horses ran amok, crashing into vehicles and injuring passersby in their path.

The uncanny resemblance between the two events has reignited concerns about the safety of using animals in military operations. Organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals UK have called for the Ministry of Defence to reconsider its use of sentient beings in such high-risk scenarios.

As city dwellers watched in disbelief, Army troops worked swiftly to bring the situation under control and ensure the welfare of the horses. Despite the mayhem, this unexpected display of equine shenanigans serves as a reminder that even the most disciplined creatures can have a mind of their own.

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