Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Indie Showcase Returns: Don’t Nod’s Latest Revelation and More Await

Gear up for an electrifying return as Microsoft’s renowned ID@Xbox indie showcase makes its triumphant comeback on April 29th, unveiling thrilling updates on Don’t Nod’s Lost Records: Bloom & Rage and a host of other indie gems.

Set to commence at 6 pm BST (10 am PT), this year’s ID@Xbox Digital Showcase promises a treasure trove of indie delights, featuring exclusive trailers, captivating gameplay, and exciting announcements. Among the highly anticipated titles, Don’t Nod’s Lost Records: Bloom & Rage takes center stage, offering a glimpse into the studio’s latest creation.

Joining the roster of showcased games are the adrenaline-pumping Vampire Survivors, gearing up for a Contra-themed expansion, alongside the enchanting Dungeons of Hinterberg and the mesmerizing 33 Immortals from the acclaimed developers of Spiritfarer, Thunder Lotus Games.

In collaboration with IGN, the broadcast ensures accessibility with an American Sign Language version available. Stay tuned as EG rounds up the highlights for your post-show analysis. While anticipation builds, delve deeper into Don’t Nod’s Lost Records: Bloom & Rage with insights from Eurogamer’s exclusive interview earlier this year.

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