Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Microsoft Enhances Handheld Experience with Upgraded Xbox App on Windows

Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to refine the Xbox app on Windows for handheld use take another leap forward with a new update. This update introduces a “Jump back in” feature, streamlining access to recently played games and enhancing navigation with controllers.

In response to user feedback, Microsoft enhances the Xbox app on Windows for handheld devices. The latest update introduces a “Jump back in” feature, facilitating quick access to recently played games. With a focus on controller navigation, users can effortlessly launch games directly from the main screen of the Xbox app.

Moreover, the update streamlines access to the friends panel, ensuring a smoother experience for handheld or controller users. Quick access from the sidebar to a slide-out friends list with larger buttons simplifies joining party chats.

Despite these advancements, challenges persist in fully optimizing the handheld experience. Users report difficulty in navigating the Xbox app without touchscreen functionality, particularly on devices like the ROG Ally. Accessing the sidebar can be cumbersome, especially after navigating down a page. Additionally, certain sections of the app hinder access to the sidebar, limiting navigation options.

While Microsoft continues to refine the handheld experience, these updates offer early improvements for PC Game Pass subscribers with Windows handhelds. However, further enhancements are anticipated as the Windows team focuses on improving controller navigation throughout the operating system.

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