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Microsoft Drops OpenAI Board Observer Seat Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Microsoft relinquishes board observer seat at OpenAI amid regulatory scrutiny

Microsoft has decided to step away from its board observer seat at OpenAI, citing significant improvements in the AI start-up’s governance over the past eight months. The move comes after OpenAI CEO Sam Altman took back control of the company last year, leading to a reshuffling of the board.

The U.S. tech giant had taken a non-voting, observer position on OpenAI’s board in November 2023, giving it access to confidential information but no voting rights on key decisions. This arrangement, along with Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI, had raised concerns among antitrust regulators in Europe, the UK, and the U.S. about the level of control Microsoft exerted over the start-up.

However, Microsoft has now expressed confidence in OpenAI’s direction and progress under Altman’s leadership, leading to its decision to relinquish the observer seat. The company highlighted OpenAI’s new partnerships, innovation, and growing customer base as factors that influenced its decision.

While EU antitrust regulators have determined that Microsoft does not control OpenAI, regulators in the UK and U.S. remain cautious about the tech giant’s influence and the start-up’s independence. Both Microsoft and OpenAI are competing to sell AI technology to enterprise customers, aiming to generate revenue and showcase their independence to address antitrust concerns.

In a strategic move, Microsoft is also expanding its AI offerings on the Azure platform and has appointed a new CEO for its consumer AI division, signaling a diversification beyond its partnership with OpenAI. The evolving dynamics between Microsoft and OpenAI reflect the growing scrutiny and competition in the AI industry as companies navigate regulatory challenges and strive for market dominance.

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