Monday, May 27, 2024

White Sox Coach Ejected Amid Umpire’s Memorable Retort

In a dramatic twist just 16 pitches into Wednesday’s White Sox game, catching coach Drew Butera found himself at the center of attention as he clashed with home plate umpire James Hoye over calls made in the game’s early moments.

Expressing discontent with Hoye’s officiating from the White Sox’s dugout during the first inning, Butera’s protests led to an unexpected ejection. Adding a touch of humor to the tense situation, Hoye quipped, “I don’t even know who you are, popping off!” directed at the vocal coach.

Butera, a seasoned veteran with 12 years of MLB experience as a catcher across multiple teams, retired from playing in 2021 to transition into coaching. His tenure began with the Angels, later leading him to his current role as the White Sox’s catching coach since November 2023.

Despite the ejection, Butera’s impact on the team is notable, particularly in the development of Korey Lee, who showcased exceptional arm strength during Wednesday’s game. Lee’s impressive throws, clocking in at over 85 miles per hour to second base, underscore Butera’s coaching prowess and the potential for future success in the team’s catching department.

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