Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Met Gala 2024: Mustaches Emerge as the Hottest Trend of the Night

As the Met Gala 2024 red carpet dazzles with stars and style, a surprising trend takes center stage: the resurgence of the mustache among the male attendees.

Among the meticulously crafted ensembles and carefully selected accessories, one noticeable trend stands out—the revival of the mustache. Coleman Domingo, known for his role in American Fiction, flaunted a precisely trimmed mustache, perfectly complementing his diamond earrings and all-white suit, reminiscent of the iconic looks from previous Met Galas.

Donald Glover, star of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, showcased a mustache on the verge of becoming a goatee, elegantly extending past the corners of his mouth. Paired with a bespoke double-breasted suit in muted brown and pink tones, Glover’s look exuded sophistication.

Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek opted for a more substantial mustache, skillfully balancing a trimmed beard with a scruffy mustache. Paired with signature black eyeglass frames, Levy’s ensemble, featuring a faded floral pattern on a black double-breasted suit, was a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Jeremy Strong, resembling a character from Bridgerton, adorned himself in a high-collared suit adorned with white florals, accentuated by an eye-catching all-white suit. His thick, slightly rugged mustache added a touch of old-world charm to his ensemble.

The slightly unkempt mustache appears to be the go-to look for men this spring. While a clean-shaven look remains classic, the allure of a well-groomed mustache is undeniable. As spring transitions into summer, expect to see more men embracing this trend, swapping razors for trimmers, and opting for a freer, more laid-back vibe.

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