Monday, July 15, 2024

Memento International’s Exclusive Biopic ‘The Divine Sarah Bernhardt’ Sells Widely

“The Divine Sarah Bernhardt: Romantic Biopic Sold to Over 20 Territories Worldwide”

Memento International’s romantic biopic “The Divine Sarah Bernhardt” has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, with the film selling to more than 20 territories across the globe. Starring Sandrine Kiberlain in the titular role, the movie delves into the life of the legendary French stage actress, known as the world’s first celebrity and nicknamed “La Divine”.

The star-studded local cast also includes Laurent Laffite and Amira Casar, adding to the allure of the film. Produced by Les Films du Kiosque and co-produced by Bac Films, the biopic is set to premiere at France’s Angouleme Film Festival in August before its French release on October 30.

Director Guillaume Nicloux’s latest feature promises to be a captivating exploration of Bernhardt’s audacious personality and groundbreaking acting performances. With negotiations still ongoing in several territories, “The Divine Sarah Bernhardt” is set to make a mark on the global cinema stage.

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