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Melissa Etheridge has Never Had Beer but has Experienced Ayahuasca Multiple Times

Interesting Facts About Melissa Etheridge: From Her Music Career to Personal Life

Rock legend Melissa Etheridge reveals surprising facts about herself in a recent interview with Us Weekly. Despite her rockstar status, Etheridge admits she has never had a beer or thrown up due to alcohol. In fact, she has never even tried soda. Instead, the “Come to My Window” singer has delved into psychedelic experiences, sharing that she has journeyed on ayahuasca more than once.

Fans will have the opportunity to learn more about Etheridge in her upcoming two-part docuseries, “Melissa Etheridge: I’m Not Broken,” and her live album, “I’m Not Broken (Live From the Topeka Correctional Facility,” set to premiere on Tuesday, July 9.

In addition to these revelations, Etheridge also shared some lesser-known facts about herself, such as driving a 35-foot RV cross-country, celebrating 20 years cancer-free, and sharing a birthday with her wife Linda Wallem. She is also a massive Kansas City Chiefs football fan and has a collection of over 100 guitars.

Etheridge’s unique experiences and interesting facts make her a fascinating and multi-dimensional artist to follow. Stay tuned for more updates on her upcoming projects and personal anecdotes.

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