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Matthew Perry’s death: Another celebrity suspected in the passing of the Friends star

Investigation into Matthew Perry’s Death Reveals a Shocking Twist

The death of beloved Friends actor Matthew Perry has sparked a major criminal probe after it was revealed that he passed away at the age of 54 due to the “acute effects of ketamine.” The autopsy report indicated that Perry was undergoing ketamine therapy for depression, but the fatal dose in his system at the time of his death could not have come from that treatment. Investigators are now looking into how Perry acquired the deadly substance from another source.

Authorities have seized electronic devices from a famous woman’s room at a sober living residence and have brought her in for questioning. Insider sources have revealed that police have been actively searching for Perry’s killer since his passing in October. The late actor had reportedly formed a friendship with the woman, whom he met during one of his rehab stays.

Recently, the celebrity in question has been identified as socialite and actress Brooke Mueller, who has been cooperating with the authorities. While Mueller denies any involvement in Perry’s death, the investigation has also led to the discovery of another celebrity friend who may have been involved in supplying drugs. This second celebrity and Perry were both known to be sober but allegedly acted as “walking pharmacies,” discussing their addictions and aiding each other in obtaining drugs.

Further evidence suggests that both Perry and the second celebrity had connections to a doctor who prescribed ketamine, raising suspicions about their activities. If incriminating text messages are found on their phones, it could have serious consequences for the celebrities involved. The investigation, led by the LAPD and federal agencies, continues to uncover new leads in the case.

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