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Massive bust in Oregon yields over $200,000 worth of Lego sets recovered by police

Police Bust Massive Lego Theft Ring, Recovering Over $200,000 Worth of Stolen Sets

Brick by Brick: Police Recover $200,000 Worth of Stolen Lego Sets in Bust of Massive Theft Ring

In a jaw-dropping revelation, police in Eugene, Oregon have cracked down on a massive theft ring involving the popular toy, Lego. Officials announced that they recovered more than $200,000 worth of stolen Lego sets in a recent bust.

The investigation, which spanned three months, uncovered that a store owner in Eugene was buying new, unopened Lego sets that had been stolen from other nearby retailers. The store in question, Brick Builders on Willamette Street, was allegedly “knowingly” participating in the shady transactions.

According to Springfield police, the thieves would steal hundreds of dollars’ worth of Lego sets from various stores and then sell them to Brick Builders for cash. In a surprising twist, officers served a search warrant at the store on July 3 and found a whopping 4,153 stolen Lego sets, valued at over $200,000.

Police revealed that the thieves were only receiving a fraction of the retail value for the stolen sets, with many of them admitting to using the money to fund their drug habits. Suspects also claimed that the staff at Brick Builders were aware that the Lego sets were stolen.

The owner of Brick Builders declined to comment when contacted by NBC News and referred them to his attorney, who did not respond immediately. The police department collaborated with loss prevention investigators from major retailers like Target, Fred Meyer, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart to confirm that the stolen Lego sets were being purchased by Brick Builders.

Those involved in the theft ring have been charged with organized retail theft and theft by receiving. Police Chief Andrew Shearer emphasized the impact of organized retail theft on consumers, stating, “We all feel the impact of organized retail theft through the increasing cost of items we buy for our families.” The Crime Reduction Unit of the Springfield Police Department, in partnership with retail stores, is committed to holding accountable those involved in retail theft.

This shocking discovery serves as a reminder that crime comes in all shapes and sizes, even in the form of tiny plastic bricks. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

Byline: Rebecca Cohen, Breaking News Reporter for NBC News

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