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Manny Jacinto of Star Wars Gains Support from The Acolyte Fans for Embracing the Dark Side

“Every Time Manny Jacinto’s The Stranger Character Made Star Wars The Acolyte Fans Root for the Dark Side”

“The Acolyte’s Manny Jacinto: Why Star Wars Fans Are Rooting for the Dark Side”

Manny Jacinto’s portrayal of The Stranger in the hit TV show “The Acolyte” has captivated audiences and left fans rooting for the dark side. Premiering on Disney+ in June 2024, “The Acolyte” follows Jedi Master Sol as he uncovers sinister forces with the help of former pupil Osha (Amandla Stenberg) and her twin sister Mae. However, it is Jacinto’s character, Qimir, who steals the show with his mysterious and seductive presence.

Creator Leslye Headland shared that Jacinto’s performance exceeded expectations, leading her to rewrite an episode to further develop The Stranger’s character arc. Jacinto’s ability to tell a compelling story and make viewers empathize with a more villainous role has garnered immense support from fans.

From his first introduction as a smuggler aiding Mae in seeking revenge to his impressive skills in battle, The Stranger has left a lasting impact on viewers. The unmasking of his identity and the unexpected connection he forms with Osha have only escalated the intrigue surrounding his character.

In a pivotal scene where The Stranger takes a bath in a lake, Jacinto’s on-screen presence and charged interactions with Osha have sparked intense emotions among fans. The sixth episode, focused on Osha and The Stranger’s bond, has left audiences eagerly anticipating the developments in their relationship.

Jacinto’s portrayal of The Stranger has not only added depth to “The Acolyte” but has also awakened a new wave of support for the dark side in the “Star Wars” universe. With each episode, fans find themselves increasingly invested in The Stranger’s journey, making him a standout character in the series.

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