Tuesday, May 21, 2024

London Marathon: Islington Resident Set to Run Clad as Enormous Brain

In a remarkable display of support and determination, Jess Walklin, a 30-year-old Islington resident, gears up to tackle the London Marathon on April 21st, adorned in a hefty costume resembling a brain, weighing 5kg. Alongside his partner, Jessica Lowe, Walklin aims to complete the challenging 26.2-mile course, all in support of Brain Tumour Research, inspired by his mother’s battle with the illness.

Walklin’s motivation stems from his mother, Caroline Walklin, who at 61, was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumour in 2022, following a series of alarming symptoms including fainting and bouts of sickness. Initially misdiagnosed with long Covid, a subsequent scan unveiled the grim reality of a rare and incurable cancerous tumour. Caroline underwent extensive treatments including surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, yet the specter of an incurable prognosis looms.

Driven by a desire to make a tangible difference, Walklin and Lowe embarked on a spirited fundraising campaign, pedaling a tandem bicycle for 150km around Hyde Park on the scorching day of 2023’s summer, alongside organizing an auction and raffle night. Their efforts have garnered an impressive sum, exceeding £15,000, channeling directly into Brain Tumour Research’s initiatives.

Despite the noble cause, Walklin anticipates formidable challenges in navigating the marathon route encumbered by his brain costume. Restricted vision and limited mobility due to armholes pose significant hurdles, potentially heightening the already daunting task. However, Walklin remains resolute, acknowledging the solitary nature of the endeavor, yet fortified by the shared commitment with Lowe to maximize their fundraising efforts.

The overarching goal extends beyond personal triumph; it’s a collective endeavor to drive advancements in brain tumour research, catalyzed by Brain Tumour Research’s tireless advocacy and funding of dedicated research centers in the UK. Walklin’s journey symbolizes resilience and solidarity, epitomizing the human spirit’s capacity to surmount adversity in pursuit of a noble cause.

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