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Shottle Bop Looks to Defend Title at International Frisbee Tournament

Shottle Bop Gears Up to Defend International Frisbee Title

HANCOCK – The stage is set for an epic showdown at the 66th Annual International Frisbee Tournament this weekend at the Hancock Driving Park. Shottle Bop, last year’s champions, are primed and ready to defend their title against a fierce field of competitors.

Last year, Shottle Bop clinched the victory in a nail-biting final match, solidifying their position as the team to beat this year. With a string of wins under their belt, including a recent triumph over rival team Monte Carlo, Shottle Bop is entering the tournament with confidence but not complacency.

Team member Will Blau shared his excitement for the upcoming competition, stating, “We should have upwards of 20 teams over there. It’s looking like one of the biggest turnouts in about 15-20 years. We’re all getting excited.” Blau emphasized the camaraderie and chemistry among the core team members as a key factor in their success.

The rivalry between Shottle Bop and Monte Carlo, both featuring players who have known each other since high school, adds an extra layer of intensity to the competition. The teams frequently practice together, ramping up the competitive spirit even during training sessions.

This year’s tournament will see an increased number of local and out-of-town teams, including squads from Marquette and Wisconsin, adding to the excitement and level of competition. Blau highlighted the growing interest in Guts Frisbee in the area and the welcoming atmosphere of the tournament.

As the players gear up for a weekend of high-flying action, the stakes are high, but the camaraderie and sportsmanship that define the International Frisbee Tournament will undoubtedly be on full display. Fans are encouraged to come out and witness the spectacle firsthand, as the teams vie for the coveted championship title.

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