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Local Impact Felt as U.S. Nordic Combined Funding is Cut | News, Sports, Jobs

Funding Crisis Threatens U.S. Nordic Combined Program: Future in Jeopardy for Lake Placid Athlete

Title: Funding cut jeopardizes future of U.S. Nordic combined program

In a shocking turn of events, the U.S. Nordic combined program is facing financial crisis as funding has been abruptly pulled, putting the future of the sport in jeopardy. The decision has left rising athletes like Kai McKinnon from Lake Placid, NY, uncertain about their athletic careers.

McKinnon, who recently won a silver medal at the Junior World Championship, expressed disappointment over the loss of funding, stating that she had been looking forward to competing at the international level. However, with the funding cut, she is now considering shifting her focus to individual cross-country skiing.

The sudden pullout of funds has prompted parents of Nordic combined athletes in Colorado to start a fundraising nonprofit, Nordic Combined USA, Inc., in a desperate attempt to save the sport. The organization aims to support training for the national team and raise awareness about the financial challenges facing the sport.

The sport of Nordic combined, which combines cross-country skiing and ski jumping, is at a critical juncture globally. The International Olympic Committee has raised concerns about the sport’s lack of viewership and competitiveness and has threatened to remove it from the Winter Games program in 2030. Athletes and coaches are advocating for the inclusion of a women’s division in Nordic combined to promote gender equality in the sport.

Despite the challenges, there is hope for the future of Nordic combined, with efforts underway to secure funding and support for athletes. The community is rallying together to ensure that the sport continues to thrive and provide opportunities for young athletes like McKinnon to pursue their passion for skiing.

As the fate of Nordic combined hangs in the balance, athletes and supporters are determined to fight for the survival of the sport and uphold its tradition and legacy in the Winter Olympics. The push for gender equality and increased visibility for Nordic combined remains a top priority for those invested in the sport’s future.

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