Monday, May 27, 2024

Lewes in Bloom Orchestrates Annual May Day Floral Competition; Submission Deadline Approaches

Lewes in Bloom is heralding the arrival of spring with its fourth consecutive May Day decoration contest, slated for Saturday, May 4. The event, aimed at fostering community engagement, encourages residents and businesses to bedeck their abodes with vibrant floral displays, exemplified by a colorful basket adorning Lewes City Hall’s entrance.

Lewes Mayor Andrew Williams, showing his support for the initiative, visited the hall on Tuesday, April 30, to admire the blossoming spectacle. With over 50 entries received as of April 30, organizers anticipate a lively competition. Dianne Stevens, co-chair of Lewes in Bloom’s board of advisors, underscores the contest’s significance, describing it as a communal effort to enhance the city’s aesthetic appeal.

Enthusiasts eager to participate can register their entries at, with the deadline set for Wednesday, May 1. The grand prize, a $250 cash reward generously donated by Active Adults Realty of Lewes, awaits the champion. As the submission cutoff approaches, Lewes in Bloom gears up for a week of intensive planting, commencing May 6, to cultivate the city’s verdant beauty further.

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