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Leader of UN migration agency expresses concerns about political interference in aid organizations despite fundraising success

Amy Pope, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), discusses challenges and successes in migration funding and donor base diversification

Head of U.N. Migration Agency Secures Billions in Funding Amid Global Support Concerns

GENEVA (AP) — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has made a significant stride in securing new funding and diversifying its donor base, an accomplishment that is particularly notable as other aid groups face financial challenges.

Amy Pope, the Director-General of IOM and former migration adviser to President Joe Biden, shared the positive news on Thursday. However, concerns about future support loom as election outcomes worldwide generate uncertainty.

Pope emphasized the importance of addressing the complexities of migration and highlighted the risks migrants face on dangerous journeys. She stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to migration issues, rather than focusing solely on managing borders, which she believes could lead to negative consequences.

Under her leadership, IOM launched a global appeal earlier this year, aiming to raise nearly $8 billion to fund proactive programs to manage migration flows. Pope noted that a significant portion of the appeal has been funded so far, with support coming from a variety of sources, including development banks and companies like Microsoft.

While IOM’s success in fundraising is commendable, the impact of global elections on future support for migration issues remains uncertain. Pope acknowledged the challenges posed by shifting political landscapes and emphasized the importance of diversifying donors and conveying the vital role of IOM.

Critics have raised questions about the EU’s Migration Pact and funding for programs in countries like Libya, where human rights violations against migrants have been reported. Pope clarified that IOM would not support projects that do not meet its protection standards and highlighted the organization’s role in engaging with governments to ensure accountability and advocate for migrants’ rights.

As the first woman to head IOM, Pope has faced scrutiny, with some likening her media presence to that of David Beasley, former head of the World Food Program. Despite the challenges, Pope remains committed to addressing the fundamental needs of migrants and standing behind the right to asylum, working in collaboration with organizations like the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

IOM’s role in providing essential support to migrants around the world, including food, shelter, and data-sharing with governments, underscores the organization’s critical mission. With concerns about future support lingering, Pope’s leadership and advocacy for migrants’ rights are more vital than ever in navigating the complex landscape of global migration.

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