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Lawyers claim jurors in Karen Read case reached agreement to acquit her of killing cop boyfriend

Karen Read’s Lawyers Claim Jurors Had “Agreement” to Acquit Her Before Mistrial

“Massachusetts woman claims jurors had ‘agreement’ to acquit her in boyfriend’s death before mistrial”

Karen Read’s legal team has made startling revelations about her recent trial in Dedham, Massachusetts, where she was accused of killing her Boston cop boyfriend, John O’Keefe. According to her lawyers, three jurors came forward after the mistrial was declared to confess that they had a unanimous agreement to acquit Read of second-degree murder and leaving the scene of a fatal crash.

The jurors allegedly stated that there was a firm 12-0 agreement that Read was not guilty of the charges against her. One juror even mentioned that there was no consideration for murder in the second degree and that Read should have been acquitted. These claims directly contradict the jury foreman’s notes, which suggested a deep division among the jurors due to their individual moral codes and principles.

Read, who faced up to life in prison if convicted, has now filed a motion asking for the charges to be dismissed based on the double jeopardy clause in the US Constitution. The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office plans to retry Read, with a new trial date set for July 22.

The case has captured public attention due to the dramatic events surrounding O’Keefe’s death. Prosecutors allege that Read, who had been out on a bar crawl with O’Keefe, drove over him in a fit of rage before leaving the scene. However, Read’s defense team argues that she was framed by law enforcement and that O’Keefe’s death was the result of an altercation with his officer friends.

The trial, which featured 74 witnesses and stunning revelations, ended in a mistrial after five days of deliberations. Supporters of Read gathered outside the courthouse each day, showing their unwavering support for her.

As the legal battle continues, the truth behind O’Keefe’s death and the events leading up to the mistrial remain shrouded in uncertainty. Stay tuned for updates on this riveting case.

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