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Latest Severe Weather Causes Increase in Flight Delays and Cancellations at Philadelphia International Airport

Severe Weather Causes Delays and Baggage Issues at Philadelphia International Airport

Severe weather causing chaos at Philadelphia International Airport as Fourth of July travelers face delays and cancellations

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Severe weather over the weekend has created a nightmare for travelers trying to get home for the Fourth of July holiday at Philadelphia International Airport. The airport is currently experiencing cancellations and delays, with bags piling up and some passengers forced to wait more than 24 hours to catch another flight.

Last week, severe storms also wreaked havoc at PHL, with some travelers even having to sleep at the airport due to disruptions.

This week, the airport finds itself in a similar situation, with airlines attributing the cancellations and delays to the ongoing severe weather conditions. As of Monday, more than 100 delays and nearly 100 cancellations have been reported at the airport.

The issues began Sunday night, leaving a long line of frustrated travelers stretching through the airport. Many passengers were left waiting for hours for answers.

The majority of delays and cancellations have been associated with American Airlines, the largest operator out of PHL. The airline’s spokesperson stated on Monday that their team is working around the clock to address the disruptions and assist impacted customers.

Additionally, baggage issues have further added to the chaos, with thunder strikes shutting down ramps for about four hours on Sunday. American Airlines is currently working to reunite customers with their baggage and offering delivery services for those unable to retrieve their belongings at the airport.

The ongoing delays, cancellations, and baggage problems have left many travelers feeling frustrated and stranded at PHL. Passengers like Gina Gruss from Boca Raton, Florida, expressed their disappointment with the lack of compensation for the wasted time.

Philadelphia International Airport is expecting over 99,000 travelers on Monday alone, with Wednesday projected to be the busiest day of the week. As the airport continues to navigate the aftermath of severe weather, passengers are advised to stay informed and patient as they await their travel plans.

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