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Latest Israeli-Hamas conflict: Netanyahu escalates dispute over US arms; crew forced to abandon ship in Red Sea, now adrift.

Analysis: Bleak prospects for Palestinians in West Bank as global eyes remain on Gaza – Alistair Bunkall, Middle East correspondent in Jerusalem

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Gaza that has captured global attention, the situation for Palestinians in the West Bank continues to worsen. A recent statement by the United Nations highlighted the alarming levels of violence and bloodshed faced by Palestinians living in the West Bank.

While the Israeli security forces have been focused on preventing the West Bank from becoming another frontline in the conflict, their actions have had severe consequences for the Palestinian population. The year 2023 has already been marked as the most violent year in the West Bank in decades, with over 500 Palestinians killed since the recent attacks by Hamas.

Israeli military raids, airstrikes, and arrests have become a common occurrence in the West Bank, leading to the deaths of civilians and widespread disruption in the region. The increasing violence by extremist Israeli settlers against Palestinians has also raised concerns, with the US labeling some of these attacks as terrorism.

The Israeli government’s aggressive stance towards Palestinians, including the approval of new settlement homes and plans for annexation, has further escalated tensions in the region. The withholding of tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority has left many workers unpaid and pushed the PA to the brink of financial collapse.

As the international focus remains on Gaza, the prospects for Palestinians in the West Bank look bleak. With ongoing violence, political instability, and a lack of attention from the global community, the situation for Palestinians in the West Bank continues to deteriorate.

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