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KKR and Teachers’ Venture Drive $140 Million Series E Round in Japanese Cloud-Based HR Software Platform SmartHR

KKR and Teachers’ Venture Growth Announce Joint Investment in SmartHR, a Leading HR Management Platform in Japan

KKR and TVG Collaborate on US$140 Million Fundraise for SmartHR

In an exciting partnership, KKR and Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG) have come together to lead a US$140 million (JPY 21.4 billion) Series E fundraise for SmartHR, a prominent cloud-based human resources management platform in Japan. This investment aims to propel SmartHR’s growth by focusing on the development of new solutions, talent acquisition, and both organic and inorganic growth strategies.

Founded in 2013, SmartHR offers a comprehensive suite of tech-enabled human resources management solutions catering to various aspects of employee management and administration, talent management, and employee productivity. Its client base includes a wide array of businesses, ranging from large enterprises to SMEs.

Mukul Chawla, Partner and Head of Growth Equity, Asia Pacific at KKR, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting SmartHR’s vital role in enhancing workforce productivity in Japan through digitalization and cloud technology. The partnership with KKR will provide SmartHR with the necessary expertise, best practices, and global networks to support the company in its next phase of growth.

Olivia Steedman, Executive Managing Director and Global Head of Teachers’ Venture Growth, commended SmartHR for its innovative approach to labor management solutions and its ability to support businesses of all sizes in their digital transformation journey. She emphasized the importance of accelerating SmartHR’s growth while leveraging global expertise to create additional value.

KKR’s investment in SmartHR falls under its Asia Next Generation Technology (Asia NGT) strategy, marking its latest technology investment in Japan. This strategic move aligns with KKR’s focus on supporting innovative technology companies across various sectors.

The collaboration between KKR, TVG, and SmartHR signifies a strong commitment to driving innovation and growth in the tech industry, particularly in the human resources management space. With a shared vision for supporting the digital transformation of businesses, the partnership is poised to take SmartHR to new heights in its growth journey.

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