Monday, May 20, 2024

King Charles Encouraged by Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as He Fights Cancer

Amid his personal battle with cancer, King Charles has been uplifted by a heartfelt tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. A new statue dedicated to the revered monarch was recently unveiled in Rutland, attracting public attention and support.

In February, King Charles was diagnosed with a form of cancer, casting a shadow over the royal family. However, a spark of joy was ignited with the unveiling of a statue commemorating his late mother in Oakham, the heart of England’s smallest county, Rutland. This marks the first such homage since the Queen’s death.

The statue, a striking bronze piece standing 12 feet high with its plinth, captures Queen Elizabeth II in the company of her cherished corgis. Located in the serene library gardens, it was crafted by renowned sculptor Hywel Pratley, who began his work in early 2023. The unveiling ceremony saw notable figures such as the Bishop of Peterborough, Rutland’s Member of Parliament, and the Lord-Lieutenant, highlighting the contributions of powerful women in church, monarchy, and government roles.

Funded by community donations which amounted to roughly £140,000, the majority of contributions came from individuals eager to honor the memory of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. The community’s involvement highlights a collective effort to remember the beloved Queen.

Reverend Debbie Sellin, the Bishop of Peterborough, expressed her honor in participating in the event, remarking on the significance of the statue to the community and its reflection of national pride and memory.

This tribute not only commemorates a historic figure but also brings a moment of solace to King Charles during his challenging times, underscoring the deep connections within the royal family and their impact on the nation.

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