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Killingworth Resident Transforms Health and Tackles Marathon Post Major Weight Loss

After shedding an impressive five stone, 43-year-old Craig Falcus from Killingworth is poised to fulfill his long-held aspiration of participating in the London Marathon. Representing Slimming World on their official 17-member marathon team, Craig’s journey symbolizes a significant personal triumph and a charitable effort aimed at supporting cancer and Alzheimer’s research.

A Dream Realized Through Dedication:

Craig’s transformation began with a personal commitment to overcome lifelong weight challenges that impacted his daily life and self-esteem. Joining Slimming World not only provided him with a supportive community but also introduced him to sustainable healthy eating practices that helped him achieve and maintain his dream weight.

Supporting Vital Causes:

Together with his team, Craig is running to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, the Irish Cancer Society, and Alzheimer’s Research UK. The collective team has lost a total of 105 stone, demonstrating remarkable personal victories and a shared goal to support crucial medical research. The importance of maintaining a healthy weight resonates deeply with Craig, especially given the stark statistic that approximately 19,500 people in the North East are diagnosed with cancer annually.

Personal Struggles and Triumphs:

Craig’s weight loss journey was fraught with challenges, from dealing with school bullying to facing severe health scares that included fainting and experiencing a slipped disc. These difficulties made everyday activities with his family nearly impossible, fueling his determination to change his life. His decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle was catalyzed by an embarrassing incident that occurred while running to catch a bus, marking a turning point in his life.

Community and Empowerment:

As a testament to the effectiveness of the Slimming World program, Craig transitioned from a member to a leader, now running his own group in North Shields. He fosters a nurturing environment that encourages members to share healthy recipes and lifestyle tips, enhancing the journey for many others. Among his favorite dishes are sweet chili salmon and homemade burgers, which he enjoys preparing for his family.

Embracing Activity:

Integrating physical activity into his routine was transformative for Craig, who once avoided even minimal physical exertion. Through Slimming World’s “Body Magic” program, he gradually increased his fitness, which has been crucial in preparing for the marathon. This endeavor is not just a personal challenge but also a tribute to his mother, who battled cancer, underscoring his run’s emotional and charitable significance.


Craig’s story is a powerful reminder of the profound impact that lifestyle changes can have on personal health and the well-being of others. His participation in the London Marathon stands as a beacon of hope and determination for many, inspiring both current and future generations to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. Supporters can contribute to this cause by sponsoring the Slimming World Marathon team through their fundraising campaign online.

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