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Kevin Costner’s personally funded film failed at the box office, with experts predicting significant financial losses.

The Financial Struggle of Kevin Costner’s Self-Financed Epic Film “Horizon”

Oscar winner Kevin Costner is facing a steep uphill battle with his self-financed epic Western “Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1.” Costner, who invested $38 million of his own money plus additional marketing costs into the project, needs the movie to make roughly $65 million domestically just to break even.

Despite his efforts, the film only raked in $11 million during its opening weekend in theaters, leaving Costner with a long road ahead to recoup his investment. Costner, who directed, produced, and starred in the project, had been developing the multi-part saga for years before deciding to take the risky route of self-financing.

Foreign pre-sales have helped reduce Costner’s risk, with his presence at the Cannes Film Festival proving instrumental in securing distribution deals for the film in international territories. According to Variety, these pre-sales have likely recouped Costner’s initial investment in the movie, but the steep marketing costs still loom large.

Warner Bros., who is only serving as a distribution partner for “Horizon,” is reportedly taking just 8% of the movie’s box office gross, leaving Costner to rely heavily on domestic ticket sales. To cover the marketing costs and turn a profit, the movie will need to make north of $65 million in the US alone.

Looking ahead, Costner will need to secure a lucrative “Pay 1” deal for the movie’s post-theatrical release, potentially with a streaming service or cable company. With more installments of the “Horizon” franchise in the works, Costner faces a challenging path ahead, but there is still hope for a successful outcome.

As Costner navigates the financial challenges of his passion project, only time will tell if his gamble on “Horizon” pays off in the long run.

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