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Kevin Costner, star of ‘Yellowstone’, believes that America ‘is worth protecting’

Celebrating America with Kevin Costner: His Passion for the Fourth of July and Protecting the Nation

Famed actor Kevin Costner recently shared his deep love and passion for America during a candid interview with Fox News Digital. The “Field of Dreams” star emphasized the importance of celebrating the country’s journey and the need to protect its values and history.

Costner expressed his belief that Americans should prioritize the well-being of the nation over personal agendas, calling it a “public service” to put the country first. He also highlighted the importance of humility and selflessness in leadership, suggesting that the country could benefit from having a woman at the helm.

The actor’s love for America is evident in his latest film, “Horizon: An American Saga,” a project he self-funded with over $20 million from his personal bank account. The film explores the expansion of the American West and confronts the darker aspects of American history, including the mistreatment of Native Americans.

In a heartwarming twist, Costner involved his children in the film, casting two of them in small roles. Reflecting on this experience, he shared his pride and joy in witnessing his son’s dedication and talent on set.

Costner’s dedication to portraying America’s history and values on screen reaffirms his commitment to honoring the country’s past and celebrating its diversity. As he continues to advocate for a deeper understanding of American history, his work serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and learning from the past.

With his unwavering dedication to storytelling and showcasing the complexities of America’s past, Kevin Costner’s latest endeavors highlight the actor’s deep connection to his country and his ongoing commitment to sharing its rich history with audiences worldwide.

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