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Kendrick Lamar fuels feud with Drake through release of ‘Not Like Us’ music video

Kendrick Lamar Releases Music Video “Not Like Us” in Latest Drake Diss Battle

The ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is heating up once again, as Lamar dropped his latest diss track “Not Like Us” along with a music video filled with subtle jabs at the Toronto rapper. The video features Lamar smashing an owl-shaped piñata, a clear reference to Drake’s OVO brand, and even includes appearances by notable California figures taking shots at Toronto.

The video not only serves as a platform for Lamar to continue his verbal assault on Drake but also attempts to dispel some of the claims made by Drake in his own diss tracks. With appearances by Lamar’s partner Whitney Alford and music video director Dave Free, it seems that Lamar is aiming to set the record straight on his personal life and relationships.

The feud between these two hip-hop superstars reached a boiling point earlier this year, culminating in a shooting outside Drake’s Toronto home. While police did not directly link the incident to the rivalry, both rappers toned down their attacks for a while, with many fans and critics declaring Lamar the victor.

Lamar further solidified his position in the feud with a three-hour concert in Los Angeles on Juneteenth, where he performed “Not Like Us” multiple times to the delight of his 17,000 fans and fellow hip-hop stars in attendance.

As tensions continue to rise between Lamar and Drake, fans can only speculate on what the next move in this high-stakes battle will be. Stay tuned for more updates on this epic rap saga.

(Original source: The Canadian Press)

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