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Kendrick Lamar Escalates Feud with Drake in ‘Not Like Us’ Music Video, Unveiling Fresh Tactics

Kendrick Lamar Releases Music Video “Not Like Us” in Ongoing Drake Diss Battle

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Music Video Taking Aim at Drake

In the ongoing saga of the Drake diss battle, Kendrick Lamar has fired back with his latest music video for “Not Like Us.” The Compton, Calif., native released the video on U.S. Independence Day, with clear references and jabs at the Toronto rapper.

The video showcases Lamar throwing metaphorical punches at Drake, with prominent owl motifs throughout. These symbols directly point to Drake and his circle of friends, known for their fashion brand October’s Very Own. One striking scene shows Lamar smashing a piñata shaped like an owl, while another scene features a live owl locked inside a birdcage.

Not only does Lamar reference Drake visually, but he also takes shots at Toronto with the help of notable California figures. Former Toronto Raptors all-star DeMar DeRozan makes an appearance, suggesting a change in allegiances. Additionally, producer Mustard sports a Toronto Blue Jays cap in a subtle jab at the city.

The “Not Like Us” video also addresses some of the claims Drake made in his diss tracks this spring. Lamar collaborates with Dave Free, who Drake once insinuated could be the father of Lamar’s children. The video includes appearances from Lamar’s partner, Whitney Alford, in response to Drake’s lyrics about their relationship.

The long-standing feud between Lamar and Drake escalated this spring, culminating in personal insults and diss tracks. While the rivalry reached a tipping point, the popular consensus suggests Lamar came out on top. Lamar celebrated his victory with a concert in Los Angeles on Juneteenth, where he performed “Not Like Us” multiple times.

As the diss battle between these hip-hop superstars continues, fans eagerly await Drake’s response. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing feud.

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