Monday, July 15, 2024

Keir Starmer describes UK-US relationship as ‘strong’ following meeting with Joe Biden

“UK Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer reaffirms special relationship with US in Oval Office meeting with President Biden”

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and US President Joe Biden met for the first time at the Nato’s 75th anniversary summit in Washington. In their private talks at the Oval Office, they reaffirmed their commitment to Nato and the special relationship between the UK and US.

President Biden praised the UK as the “transatlantic knot” that ties Nato together with its European members, emphasizing the strong bond between the two countries. Sir Keir expressed the importance of the special relationship, calling it enduring and stronger than ever.

The leaders also discussed forming a new security pact with EU nations to enhance defense cooperation. Sir Keir confirmed that the UK’s military aid for Kyiv would continue, showing solidarity with Ukraine. President Biden expressed optimism about the progress being made.

During their meeting, Sir Keir presented President Biden with a personalized Arsenal football club shirt with the president’s name and the number 46. He also gave him a copy of the Atlantic Charter, a symbol of the historic US-UK alliance. Foreign Secretary David Lammy and Defense Secretary John Healey met their US counterparts as well.

In a lighter moment, both leaders celebrated England’s 2-1 victory over the Netherlands in the Euro 2024 semi-finals, with President Biden joking that it was all because of the prime minister. Sir Keir confirmed he would attend the final against Spain in Berlin on Sunday.

The meeting between Sir Keir Starmer and President Joe Biden marked a significant moment in UK-US relations, highlighting the enduring partnership between the two countries.

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