Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kajol Queries the Romantic Tradition of Engraving Names on Trees

Mumbai – In a recent online post, celebrated actress Kajol shared a playful yet thought-provoking observation about a common romantic gesture—lovers inscribing their names on trees. The star expressed bemusement over the practicalities of such actions, particularly questioning the prevalence of carrying knives during romantic outings.

Kajol, who is widely admired for her engaging and humorous takes on social media, sparked an intriguing discussion with her latest “thought of the day.” On her Instagram stories, the actress shared a message that read, “When I see lovers’ names carved into a tree, I don’t think it’s cute. I just think it’s strange how many people take knives on a date.” This remark highlights a whimsical concern about the means lovers use to declare their affection.

The Bollywood icon, known for her roles in blockbuster hits like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,’ and more recently seen in ‘Lust Stories 2,’ often shares insights that blend humor with everyday observations. Her comment on the tree-carving tradition has since garnered attention and sparked conversations among her followers and beyond.

Off-screen, Kajol recently celebrated a personal milestone—the 21st birthday of her daughter, Nysa, on April 20. The actress is married to superstar Ajay Devgn. The couple, who wed in February 1999, share two children. On the professional front, Kajol’s recent roles include playing Devyani in ‘Lust Stories 2’ and Noyonika Sengupta in the web series ‘The Trial.’ Fans of the actress can look forward to her upcoming projects, ‘Sarzameen,’ ‘Do Patti,’ and ‘Maa,’ which promise to showcase her versatile acting prowess.

Kajol’s unique take on a time-honored romantic gesture has not only highlighted her distinctive personality but also prompted her audience to rethink the norms of expressing love and affection in contemporary relationships.

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