Saturday, July 13, 2024

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods Announce Plans to Launch Sports Bar in Scotland

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods to Open T-Squared Social Sports Bar in Scotland

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are teaming up to open a sports bar called T-Squared Social in Scotland, following the success of their first location in New York City. The bar, set to be located in the historic New Picture House Cinema in St. Andrews, will offer sports simulators, duckpin bowling, and darts.

The idea for T-Squared Social came about after the two friends finished a round of golf in The Bahamas. The collaboration is a partnership between NEXUS Luxury Collection, where Timberlake and Woods are already shareholders, and Howard Milstein’s 8AM Golf.

Christopher Anand, CEO of NEXUS Luxury Collection, expressed excitement about honoring the theater’s legacy while creating a modern entertainment destination. This venture marks a positive development for Timberlake, who was recently arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons.

Despite their personal challenges, Timberlake and Woods are optimistic about the future of T-Squared Social. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration between the pop superstar and golfing legend.

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