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Doom finds a surprising new home in Persona 5 Royal, adding an unexpected twist to the JRPG experience

In an unexpected turn of events, the classic first-person shooter Doom has found its way into the JRPG Persona 5 Royal, creating an unlikely but thrilling fusion of gaming genres.

Doom’s versatility in running on various devices has become legendary, spanning from pregnancy tests to microwaves. Now, adding to its list of conquests, Doom has seamlessly integrated itself into Persona 5 Royal, becoming part of the gameplay in a manner that surprises and delights fans.

The integration of Doom into Persona 5 Royal doesn’t just serve as a technological feat but also as a delightful nod to gaming history. Players can now access the first two Doom games within Persona 5 Royal, provided they own both titles. The mod, once installed, cleverly incorporates the FPS gameplay into the JRPG’s world.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this integration is how seamlessly Doom has been woven into the Persona 5 Royal experience. Players can engage in button-input mini-games reminiscent of retro consoles to enhance their in-game stats. With Doom now a part of this retro system, players can battle demons in Doom while their in-game companion, Morgana, offers commentary on their gameplay.

Beyond the sheer novelty of the integration, this collaboration between Persona 5 Royal and Doom offers players a unique way to experience gaming history. Much like encountering old Sega arcade games within the Like A Dragon series, this fusion provides a bite-sized glimpse into gaming’s past, despite the stylistic differences between the two games.

For those intrigued by the idea of playing Doom within Persona 5 Royal, instructions for setting up the mod can be found here. However, it’s essential to note that players must legally own the WAD for Doom or its sequel for the mod to function correctly. With Persona 5 Royal currently on sale, now is the perfect time to explore this exciting crossover for yourself.

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