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John Stamos’ son, Billy, performs on stage with the Beach Boys

John Stamos and Son Billy Play Drums Together at Beach Boys Show

John Stamos and his son Billy stole the show at a recent Beach Boys concert, showcasing their musical talents together on stage. The six-year-old Billy joined his famous dad in a drum solo during the performance of the hit song “Good Vibrations” in Indianapolis. Sporting bright green noise-canceling headphones, Billy kept up with the rhythm while John rocked out on the drums.

This adorable father-son moment was captured on video and shared by John on Instagram, garnering a lot of love and admiration from fans. But the touching family affair didn’t stop there. John also paid tribute to his late father during the concert, adding a heartfelt sentiment to the performance.

This isn’t the first time Billy has joined his dad on stage with the Beach Boys. Back in 2023, he made another appearance during a show, marking a special bond between the father and son duo.

John Stamos, known for his roles in sitcoms like “Full House” and “Fuller House,” has been touring with the Beach Boys in celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary of their 1974 compilation album “Endless Summer.” Despite getting older, John still enjoys being on the road and performing with the iconic group.

For fans of the Beach Boys and John Stamos, this heartwarming moment between father and son is one to remember, adding a special touch to an already memorable concert experience.

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