Friday, July 19, 2024

Joe Biden Updates Democratic Governors on Health Check-Up Following Debate in US Presidential Election 2024

President Joe Biden’s Major Disclosure About Recent Medical Check-up to Democratic Governors

Amid rising concerns over Joe Biden’s health and his re-election bid following a disastrous first presidential debate against Donald Trump, the POTUS made a major disclosure about his medical check-up to over 20 Democratic governors. According to Politico, Biden, 81, informed the governors in a private meeting that he underwent a medical check-up after the debate.

The report stated that Biden was asked about his physical condition by one of the governors, and he mentioned that he had a check-up, confirming that he remains in good health. However, it was revealed that the check-up was conducted by a White House physician due to lingering symptoms from a cold and did not include any major tests.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre avoided direct questions from reporters about whether Biden had been examined since the debate, stating that the president has regular annual physicals with reports that are released. Meanwhile, Democratic governors from New York, Minnesota, and Maryland expressed their support for President Biden’s re-election bid.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore, after a meeting with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, stated, “The president has always had our backs. We’re going to have his back as well.” Moore confirmed that Biden had made it clear he would stay in the race, with work to be done before the upcoming election.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul also expressed confidence after the meeting, with all the governors pledging their support to Biden. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz highlighted the importance of supporting Biden, stating, “We’re worried because the threat of a Trump presidency is not theoretical.” Despite concerns, the Democratic governors reaffirmed their backing for Biden as the party leader and nominee for the upcoming election.

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