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Jennifer Lopez’s mother suggests filing for divorce after years of believing Ben was her ‘knight in shining armor’

“Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Urges Her to Leave Ben Behind Amid Relationship Troubles”

“Jennifer Lopez’s mother urges her to ‘leave Ben behind’ in a shocking turn of events”

The once fairy-tale romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seems to be hitting a rough patch, with reports of their separation making headlines. Sources close to the couple reveal that JLo’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, is reportedly advising her daughter to take a big step and move on from the relationship.

According to a source quoted by the Daily Mail, Guadalupe is urging Jennifer to “cut your losses and move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess.” The source further reveals that the singer’s mother believes that Ben is not the person Jennifer thought he was, and that the relationship has taken a toll on her sense of self.

The insider also shared that Jennifer herself, as well as her sisters, have come to the conclusion that Ben does not deserve her. The family is encouraging her to prioritize herself, her kids, and her career over a relationship that seems to have run its course.

Despite living separately and spending holidays apart, Ben and Jen have been seen wearing their wedding rings, leading some to believe that they are still trying to work on their marriage. However, sources close to the couple suggest that they are well aware of the impact their separation has had on fans.

As the world watches the drama unfold, one thing is clear: Jennifer Lopez’s mother’s advice to “leave Ben behind” may signal the end of a love story that once captured the hearts of millions.

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