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Jennie from Blackpink Issues Apology Following Video of Her Vaping Inside

Jennie Apologizes After Being Filmed Vaping Indoors – Blackpink’s Jennie’s Controversy

The popular K-pop idol Jennie, from the group Blackpink, found herself in hot water after fans spotted her vaping indoors in a recent YouTube vlog. The act of smoking indoors, including the use of vape devices, is illegal in South Korea, where Jennie resides.

In a statement released by her record label and company, OA, Jennie expressed her sincere apologies for the incident, acknowledging her mistake and regretting the inconvenience caused to staff. The statement also extended an apology to disappointed fans and assured efforts to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The controversy has sparked an investigation by South Korea‚Äôs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following a complaint about the incident. K-pop idols are known to adhere to high behavioral standards, and Jennie’s actions have stirred discussions within the community.

Despite the backlash, Blackpink fans can rest assured that the group will continue, as they recently renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment. Jennie, on the other hand, is embarking on a solo career, having set up her own company, OA.

The incident comes as a surprise to many, considering the restrictions placed on K-pop idols during their training period, as revealed by Jennie in the 2020 Netflix documentary “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky.” With Jennie’s solo journey and Blackpink’s continued success, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact her career in the long run.

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