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JD Majethia issues a public apology to Shah Rukh Khan for staging a promotional event at Mannat for Khichdi: ‘He is a kind-hearted person, he even visited us’ | Bollywood News

JD Majethia’s Media Stunt Outside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat: The Inside Story and Apology

Title: Actor-Producer JD Majethia Recalls Media Stunt at Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat to Promote ‘Khichdi: The Movie’

Actor-producer JD Majethia, famous for his role in Khichdi, opened up about a publicity stunt he pulled in front of Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat to promote the film ‘Khichdi: The Movie’.

In an interview with Radio Nasha, Majethia admitted to orchestrating a media stunt with the film’s cast outside Mannat, hoping to grab SRK’s attention and gain his support. Although they left empty-handed, Shah Rukh later supported the film by attending a press conference.

Despite achieving his goal, Majethia expressed regret for not informing Shah Rukh beforehand, stating, “But I am sorry Shah Rukh ji. I really thank him.” He also revealed a subsequent attempt to invite SRK for a TV show event, with the actor ultimately unavailable due to IPL commitments.

Majethia’s candid recount of these encounters showcases the lengths people go to in the industry for support and recognition, even from established figures like Shah Rukh Khan.

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