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JD Majethia apologizes to Shah Rukh Khan for using a media stunt at Mannat to promote Khichdi, praises Khan for his kindness by saying ‘He is such a good fellow, he came to meet us’.

Actor JD Majethia Shares Story of Media Stunt at Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat to Promote Khichdi:
‘He is such a good fellow, he came to meet us’

The iconic show Khichdi’s actor-producer, JD Majethia, recently revealed a publicity stunt he pulled in front of Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat to promote Khichdi: The Movie back in 2010. Majethia hoped to catch Shah Rukh’s attention and gain his support for the film by showcasing the cast in front of Mannat with cameras rolling. Despite leaving empty-handed from Mannat, Shah Rukh later met the cast at a press conference and promoted their film.

Majethia expressed his regret for not informing Shah Rukh beforehand and thanked him for his support. He also disclosed a recent attempt to invite Shah Rukh to distribute trophies for the TV show Wagle Ki Duniya’s 1000th episode. Although initially hesitant to approach Shah Rukh, Majethia finally reached out but didn’t want to bother him further.

This incident sheds light on the lengths people go to promote their work and the humility of a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan in supporting fellow artists. Stay tuned for more updates and the latest Bollywood news only on The Indian Express.

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