Monday, July 15, 2024

Javed Akhtar possibly running for US presidency? Bollywood veteran weighs in on Joe Biden, says they both have an equal shot

Javed Akhtar’s Take on US Presidential Election: Subtle Dig at Joe Biden

The United States Presidential election has been causing quite a stir globally, with Bollywood screenwriter Javed Akhtar making a subtle dig at Joe Biden. In a recent post, Akhtar pointed out the unlikely similarity between himself and Biden, stating that they both have an equal chance of becoming the next President of the USA.

This comes at a time when concerns about Biden’s debate performance and cognitive abilities have been raised within the Democratic party. There have been discussions about the possibility of Kamala Harris stepping in as the Democratic candidate should Biden choose to withdraw.

Despite facing criticism and calls to step down, Biden reaffirmed his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, vowing to defeat Republican contender Donald Trump. Recent polls, however, show Trump gaining a lead, with pressure mounting on Biden to reconsider his position.

As the election drama unfolds, all eyes are on the upcoming developments and potential changes in the Democratic race. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping political saga.

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