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Jana Kramer to Walk Solo Down the Aisle at Allan Russell Wedding

Jana Kramer Explains Why She’s Walking Down the Aisle Solo for Her and Allan Russell’s Wedding

Jana Kramer is preparing for her upcoming wedding to Allan Russell, and she has made a unique decision regarding her walk down the aisle. In a recent episode of her “Whine Down” podcast, Kramer revealed that she will be walking down the aisle solo, without her father by her side.

When asked about her decision, Kramer explained that she felt it was a walk she needed to take alone. She described it as her “last walk alone” before joining Russell at the altar, emphasizing the significance of the moment to her.

Kramer’s choice to walk down the aisle solo has sparked conversation, with Russell expressing surprise but ultimately understanding and supporting her decision. The couple, who got engaged after six months of dating and welcomed a son together, are looking forward to the special moment of Kramer walking towards Russell on their wedding day.

While Kramer and Russell are aligned in their excitement for this moment, they have differing views on reading their vows. While Russell prefers to avoid using a piece of paper on the day, Kramer suggested the idea of framing their written vows as a keepsake after the ceremony.

The couple’s wedding plans also include roles for their children, with Jolie acting as the flower girl, Jace as the ring bearer, and Roman as the adorable participant in a kilt.

As the wedding day approaches, Kramer and Russell are embracing their love story and the journey that led them to this moment. Stay tuned for more updates as they prepare to say “I do” in a unique and heartfelt ceremony.

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