Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Third Suspect In Jam Master Jay’s Murder Reportedly In Plea Deal Talks

Sadly, each generation of hip-hop lovers has experienced tragedy. For the inception class, the tragic 2002 murder of Run-DMC‘s Jam Master Jay (real name Jason William Mizell) is a pain that won’t go away.

After decades of speculation, on February 27, two men (Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr.) were found guilty for their involvement in the beloved DJ’s untimely death. However, the case is far from over, as one additional suspect (Jay Bryant) is still awaiting trial. But, according to AP News, Bryant is reportedly in talks to accept a plea deal.

The outlet states that although Jordan was charged with firing the gun and Washington was involved in the plan to murder Mizell. However, Bryant also allegedly played a part in the overall conspiracy. With Bryant scheduled to head to trial in 2026, AP claims that the prosecutor’s office and his lawyer, César de Castro, are considering cutting a deal.

Nothing has been finalized as of April 4. By August 5, all parties are expected to file the written status with the courts and presiding Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall.

In court documents, the prosecutor argued that Washington and Jordan killed Mizell over a drug deal gone wrong. Mizell’s widow and children haven’t issued a statement regarding the claims.

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