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Israel accelerates West Bank settlement expansion with largest land seizure in years

Israel Approves Largest Land Seizure in West Bank in 30 Years amid Tensions

The recent approval of the largest seizure of land in the occupied West Bank by Israel has raised tensions in the region amidst the ongoing war in Gaza. The move, which marks the largest land appropriation in over three decades according to a settlement tracking group, reflects the strong influence of the settler community in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

The seizure of 12.7 square kilometers of land in the Jordan Valley was approved late last month, but only publicized on Wednesday. This marks a significant increase in Israeli land seizure in the West Bank, with previous seizures in March and February totaling 8 square kilometers and 2.6 square kilometers respectively.

The appropriation of this land, which connects Israeli settlements along the border with Jordan, has been criticized by the United Nations as a step in the wrong direction, hindering the possibility of a negotiated two-state solution. The expansion of settlements in the West Bank has long been a major point of contention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with most of the international community considering them illegal or illegitimate.

The move by Israel to seize more land in the West Bank is part of a larger strategy to establish a buffer zone between Jordan and Palestinian lands, further complicating the prospect of a cohesive Palestinian state. The government’s goal, according to settlement tracking groups, is to create isolated islands of Palestinian territory surrounded by Israeli land.

Prominent human rights organizations have accused Israel of apartheid in its rule over the West Bank, allegations that Israel rejects as an attack on its legitimacy. The recent land seizure is seen as a continuation of Israel’s efforts to solidify its hold on the West Bank and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, sparked by a Hamas attack in October, has further exacerbated tensions in the region. The war has caused massive devastation and displacement in Gaza, with widespread hunger and fears of famine gripping the region.

As the situation continues to evolve, the international community is closely monitoring the developments in the region and calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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