Saturday, July 13, 2024

Iran’s Attempted Murder on U.S. Soil: The Failed Plot and Lingering Shadow of Fear

The Targeted Threats Against Masih Alinejad

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian dissident and outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in late July 2022. A hitman hired as part of a plot orchestrated in Iran stood on her front porch in Brooklyn, N.Y., armed with an AK-47-style rifle. Alinejad, unaware of the danger, was in a Zoom call with notable figures when she heard the knocking but chose not to open the door. The suspect was later arrested after running a stop sign, and the FBI uncovered a murder-for-hire scheme targeting Alinejad.

This is not the first time Alinejad has faced threats from the Iranian government. Previously, there were foiled plans to kidnap her and bring her back to Iran for trial. Alinejad, along with her husband, has had to move between FBI safehouses over 20 times, living a disorienting and transient lifestyle. They even had to sell their Brooklyn home for safety reasons.

The constant threat on Alinejad’s life has taken a toll on her family and friends, leading to moments of fear and uncertainty. Despite the challenges, Alinejad remains steadfast in her activism, using her voice to speak out against the oppressive regime in Iran. The future remains uncertain, but for now, Alinejad continues to fight for her beliefs while navigating the dangers that loom around her.

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