Tuesday, July 16, 2024

International Orders on Netflix and Amazon Top U.S. Orders

The Streaming Wars: Netflix and Amazon Dominate SVOD Commissions in 2024

Netflix and Amazon Take the Lead in Streaming Content Commissioning

In the world of streaming platforms, Netflix and Amazon have once again solidified their dominance in original content commissioning. A recent report by Ampere Analysis reveals that in the first quarter of 2024, these two industry giants accounted for more than half (53 percent) of all global SVOD commissions.

According to the report, Netflix saw its highest number of new titles commissioned since the third quarter of 2021, while Amazon set a new record for quarterly commissions. This surge in content creation comes as other budget-conscious streamers have scaled back on commissioning new projects.

Interestingly, both Netflix and Amazon have focused on ordering more original content outside the U.S. than within the country. Netflix’s commissions in Western Europe and Asia Pacific have nearly matched those in North America, with a notable uptick in Asian titles. Amazon, on the other hand, has upped its game in Asia, particularly in India, where it ordered a record slate of 37 new titles.

Ampere predicts that both streaming giants will continue to invest in international productions to expand their global subscriber base and counter stagnation in domestic markets. Mariana Enriquez Denton Bustinza, a senior researcher at Ampere Analysis, noted, “The market saturation in North America, the growing cost of production, and the lingering impact of the Hollywood strikes have pushed Netflix and Amazon to increase investment in international productions to stimulate subscriber growth.”

While Netflix focuses on catering to a broad subscriber base with potential for crossover appeal, Amazon’s strategy remains heavily targeted towards key markets like India. Amazon has recently announced its largest slate of Indian original movies to date, signaling its commitment to the Indian market and its global expansion.

Overall, the competition between Netflix and Amazon in the streaming content space continues to drive innovation and strategic investments in international productions, shaping the way viewers around the world consume digital entertainment.

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