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International Medical Graduates Permitted to Work Part-Time in addition to Full-Time Positions

Improving Opportunities for International Medical Graduates in Tennessee

“Tennessee Law Allows International Medical Graduates to ‘Moonlight’ During Residency”

In a groundbreaking move, Tennessee has passed a law that allows international medical graduates to participate in moonlighting during their residency, giving them the opportunity to work and earn money while they further their training. Previously, only graduates from U.S. medical schools were able to obtain a temporary license to work during their residency, but this new law levels the playing field for international medical graduates.

State Rep. Michele Carringer, co-sponsor of the bill, explains that the idea was brought to her by a constituent and is set to go into effect in January. The delay in implementation was to allow the necessary regulatory bodies to establish rules around the law.

The law aims to address physician shortages in Tennessee and make the state more attractive to medical students looking to start their residencies. By allowing international medical graduates to earn money while in residency, it provides them with additional experience, financial stability, and the opportunity to put down roots in Tennessee.

One such individual who could benefit from this law is Victoria Yibirin, a recent graduate of medical school in Venezuela who is now in her first year of residency in Nashville. Yibirin hopes to stay in Tennessee after completing her residency and views the new law as a positive step forward.

While international medical graduates still face challenges compared to their American-educated counterparts, such as language proficiency and visa sponsorship, this law opens up new opportunities for them to contribute to Tennessee’s healthcare system.

Overall, the passage of this law is seen as a positive development in addressing the shortage of medical professionals in the state and providing support to international medical graduates looking to establish their careers in Tennessee.

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