Monday, July 15, 2024

India’s Prime Minister Modi Travels to Moscow for First Visit Since Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Engages with Russian President Putin in Moscow Amidst Ukraine Conflict

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Moscow for a two-day visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, marking his first trip to Russia since the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine over two years ago. Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Modi’s approach seems to focus more on maintaining a delicate balance between East and West in his foreign policy rather than directly challenging Putin on the issue.

Upon his arrival, Modi emphasized the strengthening of the partnership with Russia over the past decade and expressed his anticipation for discussing various aspects of bilateral cooperation with Putin. The Kremlin also welcomed Modi’s visit, emphasizing the traditionally friendly relations between Russia and India.

The visit includes private discussions and a private dinner between Modi and Putin, with formal talks scheduled for the following day. While there are no plans for the leaders to address the media, the visit is expected to involve discussions on economic ties, particularly in light of the impact of Western sanctions on Russia.

India’s continued engagement with Russia has implications for its strategic relationships, including with major Western partners and neighboring China. The visit comes at a time when Russia’s actions in Ukraine have raised concerns globally, with Modi navigating various geopolitical dynamics in pursuit of India’s interests.

The visit also highlights the long-standing ties between Russia and India, dating back to the Cold War era, as well as their evolving partnership in the current multipolar world order. Despite differences in approaches to global issues, Modi’s visit underscores the complex diplomatic landscape in which India operates, seeking to balance its relationships with multiple major powers.

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