Monday, July 22, 2024

Indian students accused of contributing to Canada’s housing crisis and perpetrating immigration fraud

Reddit User Calls for Mass Deportation of Indian Students in Canada: Housing Crisis and Immigration System Scams Exposed

Indian students in Canada are facing backlash and accusations of causing a housing crisis and ‘scamming the immigration system’, as observed by a Reddit user. The user stated that the majority of Indian students in Canada do not qualify for the skills the country needs and should be mass deported. The user also highlighted the issues of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) scams and the impact of immigration on housing.

The Reddit user emphasized the need to stop referring to these individuals as students, as they are perceived to have manipulated the system. They pointed out the requirement for international students to leave Canada after completing their studies, unless they have a valid reason to stay in the country.

Furthermore, the user discussed the unethical practices of ‘scamlords’ who overcrowd rental accommodations, particularly in Indian majority communities like Brampton. The user suggested imposing heavy fines on those responsible for overcrowding and exploiting the system.

The Reddit user concluded by stating that individuals who do not leave Canada after completing their studies and demand permanent residency are cheating the system and should be deported. The user also mentioned the recent protests by Indian students in Prince Edward Island against immigration policy changes that could result in their deportation.

This controversy sheds light on the challenges faced by Indian students in Canada and raises concerns about the integrity of the immigration system and housing market. The discussion sparked by the Reddit user’s post calls for a closer examination of the issues surrounding international students and their impact on Canadian society.

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